#The Rock 9# featuring Stanley, Willy, Zulu le Kenny, to You:

#Track2: Moya O Bua le Nna, Ask the Holy Spirit 2 reveal what your divine assignment is & strategic keys.

#Track3: Jwale le ka Mehla» 2day commit 2 journey God’s way through your circumstance no matter what.

#Track12: Modimo o re file sebakanyana» Ask Him how 2 pray, what He desires for U to learn & receive, so U do not have to go around that mountain again.

#Track6: Ke Kgotso ya Jesu» Submit 2 where He leads U in peace, and you will see the favor of God manifest on your behalf in VICTORY!

#Track7: My home is Faraway» Word of God is really a big help. Its make us understand why we encounter lot of difficulties in life. Its true that there’s nothing wrong to be wrong. ” Life is always depends on our decision, Whatever your decision its always be the outcome”. Just Stay close to God!

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